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Quality at Toteteca

Every  Handbag  at Toteteca  is made to your  specifications  from  cutting  to finish by our team of Master Craftsmen. All our work  is  individually  handmade.
Hand cut materials and hand stitched bodywork ensure a unique creation, every time.

Our Faux Leather is of the Highest Quality and is especially selected for their rich colors, soft touch and superior durability. We use positive alternatives that sidestep animal cruelty.

Have your style your way. Any changes to the shape or size? Additional Pocketing? Special inside detailing? Put it down in our comments section and our team will get in touch with you and work with you till your handbag is just right!

toteteca bag Cuttingtoteteca bag FlapFlap bag Stitchingtoteteca bag Handle
toteteca bag Base Worktoteteca bag Monogramtoteteca bag Cleaningtoteteca Final
Toteteca QualityToteteca QualityToteteca QualityToteteca Quality
Toteteca QualityToteteca QualityToteteca QualityToteteca Quality