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Custom Internal Pocketing

We believe every person is unique and that both the external look and internal functionality of their bag should reflect that. So, we work hard to make sure your Toteteca handbag is perfectly suited to your needs.

All of our handbags feature at minimum our below "standard" internal pockets. These are the best mix of everyday functionality and convenience. For additional customization, we've included various internal pocket options that might better suit your specific need. Want to swap a different pocket type for your bag? Just make a note in our comments section when placing your order and we will do the rest!

Do remember to check your design's product detail page to see what is already available. Some styles feature design specific spaces.


Standard Zipper Pocket
Our Standard Zipper Pocket provides the security of a closed pocket that's easy to access. A spacious single compartment for just about everything, these are the mainstay of every handbag lover.
Standard Double Pockets
Our Standard Double Pockets have ease of access that is second to none! Great for organization, these roomy pockets are best for lots of small everyday knick knacks like keys and makeup. 
Card Slots Pockets
Our Card Slots Pockets provide a convenient way to store all your ID's and plastic. Highly organized for quick access to visiting cards, ID’s and credit cards, this is extremely useful for a professional work handbag.
Concealed Zip Pocket
Our Concealed Zip Pocket is best when you don't want to draw attention to what's inside or are afraid your zipper metal might scratch something delicate in your bag. Slightly inconvenient for repeated access though.
Padded Zip Pocket
Our Padded Zip Pocket has a soft layer of sponge lining your pocket. This pocket sacrifices a little internal space for a secure ride along for your phone, music player, and other small electronics or jewellery.
Divided Zipper Pocket
Our Divided Zipper Pocket is actually two separate pockets in one! A magnetic clasp pocket behind the main zipper wall allows for a lot of organization at the slight expense of space in the main body compartment. Great if you have a lot of items that need stowing separately.